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Family owned and operated since 2006, Gleann Brook Acres raises registered Scottish Highland Cattle, also known as Heilen Coo. Our ranch is situated in the lovley hills of Bremen, Cullman County where we are proud to raise our cattle humanely, the way nature intended, on open Alabama pasture.

Scottish Highlands are a most remarkable breed of cattle. As the oldest registered breed of cattle, Scottish Highlands have been around for centuries but are only now starting to regain their popularity. Their docile character and highly developed maternal instincts make them an ideal breed.

In this day of increased awareness as to where our food comes from, Highlands fit perfectly in to natural sustainable agriculture. Not only are they wonderful lawn ornaments, Highlands provide a superior quality of beef highly sought after by beef connoisseurs and the health conscious alike. At Gleann Brook, all our cattle are raised in a humane environment without the use of antibiotics or hormones. We are a grass fed and finished operation maximizing the health benefits to both our cattle and beef clientele.

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